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The Most Important Knitting I'll Ever Do

I've done a lot of knitting in my life, too many hours to count. I've knit blankets for new babies. I've knit hats for friends battling through cancer. But I've never knit with the love and ferocity that I've been knitting in the past few days. A couple of brilliant women came up with an idea to have every woman marching on Washington Jan 21 wear a handknit made from the same pattern. The Pussy Hat.

Every. Single. Thing. about this project resonates with me. All my favorite elements are at play: reclamation of a powerful word, using traditional female crafts to send an unflinching message to a sphere dominated by men, and the creation of a NATIONWIDE knitting bee. Also I love it because it's just so damn subversive. They named it a PUSSY HAT!! Good for them! The only thing I'm upset about is I didn't think of the idea myself.

Here's the pattern. I've include the Mission statement here, because it's so worth reading.

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